What is an Explosion?

icon_1 Definition of Explosion

<A Phenomenon of Expansion of Gas with Explosive Sound caused by rapid Generation or Release of Pressure>

icon_1 How does the explosive process progress?

  1. An active group (= radical) exists in the system. Given some stimuli (heat, shock, friction, light, etc.) , a rapid chemical reaction occurs. : Sensitivity
  2. As the result of the above, a material that is more stable than the original one is generated, which causes an exothermic reaction. : Generation of Energy
  3. The reaction is the self-sustaining type. Therefore, the reaction progresses rapidly without material supply from the outside. : Sustainability

icon_1 What kind of materials explode?

icon_2 The source of energy generation


icon_2 Explosive atomic group

Based on Bretherick's Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards (about 4700 kinds of chemicals related to explosion are classified into 41 kinds of explosibility functional groups), the explosive atomic groups are further classified according to the elements.

→ Everything can be explained by the system of energy generation described above.